How To Diagnose the Revenue Management Culture in Your Hotel

Since Revenue Management has not been around for that long, many organizations are still working on creating a Winning Revenue Management Culture. Hotels will only start »

How To Create a Budget for Hotels

This is the time that GM’s, Revenue Managers and Sales hate the most as it is the time for budgeting. A lot of hours will »

5 powerful reasons why independent hotels need a Revenue Management System (RMS)

We sell Revenue Management Software to Independent and small hotel chains every day. Although multinational hotel chains were quick to adopt technology such as Revenue Management »

New strings and attachments

Surviving on your own has always been and will always be difficult, but being an Independent hotel has never been as easy as it is today. »

The Battleground for Customers

Technology and economic growth have contributed to many changes in the life of hoteliers. Technology has contributed to a massive increase in the reach that hotels »

Revenue Management Glossary

If you are new to Revenue Management you might quickly get overwhelmed by the amount of jargon RM´s use on a daily basis. You needn't »


Pedro Sousa joins Climber

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Climber Hotel Strategies Announces Expansion into UK Market

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How To Use Crowdfunding To Jumpstart Your Startup

Observations from Climber Hotel, a B2B SaaS startup fundraising its first round ever through convertible equity. Climber Hotel is a Portuguese startup that created an easy »

8 Fundamental Lessons for Hoteliers from The Future of Hotel Revenue Management

1) Revenue Managers are NOT magicians Revenue managers do not just pull numbers out of a hat and hope for the best. They need data to »