Why Climber Hotel came into the world [ infographic below ]

We all know that hotel revenue management is a key factor to achieve success in the hospitality industry.

Unfortunately, Revenue Management softwares (RMS) are not democratized in the sector. The majority of independent, small hotels do not yet have access to reliable RMS solutions.

Up until recently, RMS had been too expensive or complex, thus the majority of the hotels either could not afford it and/or did not want to have someone solely dedicated to revenue management.

In the past, the hotel's accountant or General Manager evaluated all the hotel’s data manually.
Over the years, revenue management solutions for hotels have evolved with the purpose of facilitating the process automatically and optimizing big data with integrated and complex algorithms that in turn assist the hotel in determining the best room rate for the season and targeted client.
However, this critical solution has not been available to independent and small hotels.

This is where we come in:

Climber offers an easy-to-use, smart and automated, 100% cloud-based software solution for independent, small to medium hotels.


For the first time,
independent hotels have access to the same tools that large hotel chains and groups have been utilizing for years.

This could be you once you start using Climber

“Revenue management has contributed in millions to the bottom line, and it has educated our people to manage their business more effectively. When you focus on the bottom line, your company grows.”

Bill Marriott Jr., Chairman and CEO, Marriott International

We look forward to hearing how RMS has had a positive effect on your hotels bottom line.